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Bernie Sanders rallies with Nissan workers at the March on Mississippi | March 4, 2017

More than 5,000 Nissan auto workers—80 percent of them African-American—are organizing a union for better jobs and better lives in Canton, Mississippi.

They endure dangerous working conditions, bullying by management, discrimination, unfair treatment of temp workers, punishing production demands, and long hours. When Nissan workers began forming their union, the company unleashed a campaign of coercion, interrogation and intimidation.

Nissan even threatened workers with termination for supporting a union and said the plant would close if the workers democratically voted for a union.

Workers are getting hurt at Nissan in Mississippi, but the company threatens to fire workers or close the plant if we organize a union. We’re letting Nissan – and other companies in the South – know that we aren’t standing for these violations of our rights.

– Everlyn Cage, Canton, MS

Nissan’s abuses of civil and workers’ rights must stop immediately. As consumers, we are demanding that Nissan’s management and dealers ensure that all workers who build Nissan vehicles can exercise their rights on the job without fear of reprisal. However, Nissan workers in Mississippi—the majority African American—have endured threats, harassment and coercion for standing up for better, safer jobs. Intimidating workers for wanting a voice on the job is wrong. We pledge to stand with Nissan workers in their fight for a free and fair vote on forming a union.


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