Why Workers Need Change at Nissan

As clergy, elected leaders, racial justice advocates, students and Nissan owners, we are coming together to demand that Nissan stop abusing the labor and civil rights of its workers in Mississippi.

More than 5,000 Nissan auto workers—80 percent of them Black—in Canton, Miss., are forming a union to improve workplace safety, stop the mistreatment of temporary employees, gain a secure retirement, and get the respect and dignity they deserve.

The Coalition for Rights at Nissan supports these workers’ struggles because now more than ever we need companies like Nissan to recognize that workers’ rights are civil rights. A victory for justice in Mississippi is a win for justice in our communities. Take action now!

People get hurt too often at Nissan and these injuries can rob us of our ability to provide for our families. We’re forced to decide if we should work with an injury, or report it and potentially lose our jobs. It strips away your dignity to feel like the company values production numbers more than the safety of the people who make it successful.

– Ernest Whitfield, Canton, MS

Nissan’s misconduct has already drawn the attention of federal regulators:

  • The National Labor Relations Board has cited Nissan with serious violations of federal labor statutes including threatening to close the plant if workers vote for a union, unlawfully interrogating employees about the union, threatening to fire employees for supporting a union and, illegally preventing workers from expressing their union support.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Nissan in February 2017 for serious safety violations after a worker had several fingers ripped off after a conveyor the employee was working on was restarted. OSHA had to seek a warrant from a judge allowing employee representatives to participate in an OSHA inspection of the Canton plant following this incident. This follows another citation received in March 2016 after a worker suffered a serious injury from a fall into an unguarded pit in the plant’s floor. This was the second fall in five months that resulted in a worker being hospitalized.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is currently investigating charges filed in 2015 by Canton plant workers alleging racial discrimination.

And now Nissan’s anti-worker actions have our attention too.

Take action online and in your city.